August 15, 2012

In time for a Photoshoot

On a recent trip, I had a few different special occasions to attend.  The first occasion was a photo shoot with the entire family - we haven't done one of these in years!
Once I picked the outfit and coordinated the color scheme with the rest of the family, I went to look for jewelry to pair with it.  But I couldn't find anything that I liked with the outfit.

So, what else to do, but make a new pair of earrings to match!

I spotted these earrings, the 'Bombay Hoops,' in the Perfect Match book we own and have been meaning to make them for a long time.  This was the perfect occasion.

The gold with the black beads was a good match for my coral and black outfit.  And since it hardly took any time to make, I made a second pair of gold with gold translucent beads for my mom!

It was really simple- all you need are:
- a pair of hoops (you can make your own if you want!)
- a thin wire in the same color as the hoops (24 or 26 gauge)
- 14 glass beads (7 for each earring)
- pliers
- wire cutters

First, cut a piece of thin wire, about 14 inches long.  Fold one end over the hoop and use the pliers to wrap it around the hoop tightly.  I wrapped it 3 times here.  Put a bead onto the wire and loop it through, then loop the wire another 3 times to keep with the pattern.  Continue this process until 7 beads are on hoop, with 3 wire wraps in between.  Wrap the wire the last 3 times after the final bead.  Cut both ends with the wire cutters and use the pliers to wrap the remaining bit around the hoop.
Repeat these steps for the second earring.
This all took me around 20 minutes per pair!

August 8, 2012

Reminiscent of a Dreamcatcher..

While crafting with my mom in our 'crafting room' (we took over the family room!), we realized we didn't have enough jewelry in neutral colors.  As I love color, I tend to drift towards colorful beads/ribbons/chains...  Recently, I've been obsessed with a dark teal green color.

I spotted the earrings on the right awhile ago and have been meaning to make them for some time now.  Figuring this was my chance to apply my need for neutrals, I made a pair for myself in silver and black!

  My DIY:                                                                          Inspiration:

I used larger seed beads in my DIY than shown in the original.  Also, I did not make them as long... the original pair are 6 inches! Despite being shorter, I think they still have a nice effect and my younger sister called them 'party earrings'!

-2 earring hoops
-small silver seed beads
-small black seed beads
-30 silver crimp beads
-30 12inch pieces of black string

Like most projects, the most time consuming part was stringing all the beads.

On the hoop, I initially slid on 3 silver seed beads.
Before putting the needle on the string, I slid one black bead onto one string.  Then I folded the string in half (so the one bead was at the bottom) and put it through the needle.  I then strung 24 more black beads (25 total).  Since this is the first string, I add 6 silver beads, then the crimp bead.
Position the string on the hoop, swing the needle through so that it is attached to the hoop, and back through the crimp bead and all the way down to the black beads.
Used the pliers to crimp the crimp bead.  Make sure the crimp bead is secure and the string cannot slip through it whatsoever.
Repeat this process.  Here is an image to better show the number of beads I used:

I only had time to draw out half the earring.  But, the silver beads increase and then decrease in (from left to right) as follows:
6 --> 7 --> 8 --> 9 --> 10 --> 11 --> 12 --> 13 --> 12 --> 11 --> 10 --> 9 --> 8 --> 7 --> 6

The black beads remain at a constant 25.

Once all 15 strands are on and the crimp beads are pressed tightly, add 3 silver beads to the end, like at the beginning.

Cut the remaining string close to the bead so that it cannot be seen.

That's all!

I made 3 more pairs of earrings this week, but posts for those will have to wait until after vacation.
Now, off to Vancouver!

August 5, 2012

Who Doesn't Like Braids?

I've seen this braided bead necklace on tons of Pinterest boards!
Of course, I had to make it!

The DIY Inspiration
The most time consuming aspect of this necklace was stringing 6 strands of beads (2 for each piece of the braid).

- a lot of 1 bead type
- string
- 6 crimping clasps (also called bead tips?)
- 2 jump rings
- chain
- closing clasp

For photo instructions, check out this image.

I went to ACMoore and bought a pack of reddish coral beads for this.  I cut 6 pieces of string, and tied them 2, 2, and 2 (so three strands).  Once I beaded to the desired length, I closed the knots of each 3 strands to separate crimping clasps, on each side (so 6 clasps total). Close the crimping clasps.  Then, braid!!
Once the beads are neatly braided, I combined the 3 closing clasps on the left onto one jump ring, and the 3 clasps on the right onto a second jump ring.
Then, attach the chain to the jump rings on each side.  Open the chain at the top to put on a closing clasp.  All done!

I made a second one in white with gold chain for my mom.  But, it looked great on my sister, so we gave it to her!

Bauble Bead Necklace, Part II

My first post on this blog shared a pink beaded cluster chain necklace I made, inspired by this necklace.  It's one of my favorite necklaces, I wear it all the time!
My mom, a stellar crafter - (I always ask her advice when I make things!), asked me to make one for her also!

I made this one with gold chain instead of silver.  Rather than pink beads again, I used purple and gold beads, on gold head pins, with a gold spacer bead at the base.  I thought this color scheme would look good on her olive skin tone.

For some instructions on how to make this necklace, check out this post!


Which color do you like better??