August 8, 2012

Reminiscent of a Dreamcatcher..

While crafting with my mom in our 'crafting room' (we took over the family room!), we realized we didn't have enough jewelry in neutral colors.  As I love color, I tend to drift towards colorful beads/ribbons/chains...  Recently, I've been obsessed with a dark teal green color.

I spotted the earrings on the right awhile ago and have been meaning to make them for some time now.  Figuring this was my chance to apply my need for neutrals, I made a pair for myself in silver and black!

  My DIY:                                                                          Inspiration:

I used larger seed beads in my DIY than shown in the original.  Also, I did not make them as long... the original pair are 6 inches! Despite being shorter, I think they still have a nice effect and my younger sister called them 'party earrings'!

-2 earring hoops
-small silver seed beads
-small black seed beads
-30 silver crimp beads
-30 12inch pieces of black string

Like most projects, the most time consuming part was stringing all the beads.

On the hoop, I initially slid on 3 silver seed beads.
Before putting the needle on the string, I slid one black bead onto one string.  Then I folded the string in half (so the one bead was at the bottom) and put it through the needle.  I then strung 24 more black beads (25 total).  Since this is the first string, I add 6 silver beads, then the crimp bead.
Position the string on the hoop, swing the needle through so that it is attached to the hoop, and back through the crimp bead and all the way down to the black beads.
Used the pliers to crimp the crimp bead.  Make sure the crimp bead is secure and the string cannot slip through it whatsoever.
Repeat this process.  Here is an image to better show the number of beads I used:

I only had time to draw out half the earring.  But, the silver beads increase and then decrease in (from left to right) as follows:
6 --> 7 --> 8 --> 9 --> 10 --> 11 --> 12 --> 13 --> 12 --> 11 --> 10 --> 9 --> 8 --> 7 --> 6

The black beads remain at a constant 25.

Once all 15 strands are on and the crimp beads are pressed tightly, add 3 silver beads to the end, like at the beginning.

Cut the remaining string close to the bead so that it cannot be seen.

That's all!

I made 3 more pairs of earrings this week, but posts for those will have to wait until after vacation.
Now, off to Vancouver!


  1. Super cute! I'm going to make these this week!

  2. These look great!

  3. Very non-clear explanation. Just horrid. Any video tutorials?

  4. What a wonderful DIY trick! I think I want to make some soon at home. Keep spreading good vibe, xoxoxo
    I made some of DIY Bracelets too. I've uploaded them here :

  5. Could use a video. Not understanding written instructions.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Directions along with diagram great shows how to make them easily. Will be making some this week
    Thanks again

  7. Gorgeous job.Love this jewelry diy project. Really stunning.

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  9. String is not good. It will wear and break very easily. Beading wire would be much better for the long term. Also when enlarged a little (for older eyes) yr diagram showing the bead count goes blurry which makes it even harder. I do love the design. It looks really pretty

  10. thank you! these earrings are awesome. instead of using crimp beads, can you think of another way to adhere the strings to the hoop? how do you think the artist in your inspiration picture did it?

  11. It looks like in the photo for the “inspiration” piece the thread was hung on the hoop, the beads were strung the same way you described, but maybe a type of cording was used and then stitched back down the row and knotted at the bottom. If that makes sense? Just a thought.

  12. Love this design and will definitely try it. Will let u know what I find out!

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  14. Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. One of my friend gifted me Dreamcatcher. I was looking for how and where to hung this.