August 15, 2012

In time for a Photoshoot

On a recent trip, I had a few different special occasions to attend.  The first occasion was a photo shoot with the entire family - we haven't done one of these in years!
Once I picked the outfit and coordinated the color scheme with the rest of the family, I went to look for jewelry to pair with it.  But I couldn't find anything that I liked with the outfit.

So, what else to do, but make a new pair of earrings to match!

I spotted these earrings, the 'Bombay Hoops,' in the Perfect Match book we own and have been meaning to make them for a long time.  This was the perfect occasion.

The gold with the black beads was a good match for my coral and black outfit.  And since it hardly took any time to make, I made a second pair of gold with gold translucent beads for my mom!

It was really simple- all you need are:
- a pair of hoops (you can make your own if you want!)
- a thin wire in the same color as the hoops (24 or 26 gauge)
- 14 glass beads (7 for each earring)
- pliers
- wire cutters

First, cut a piece of thin wire, about 14 inches long.  Fold one end over the hoop and use the pliers to wrap it around the hoop tightly.  I wrapped it 3 times here.  Put a bead onto the wire and loop it through, then loop the wire another 3 times to keep with the pattern.  Continue this process until 7 beads are on hoop, with 3 wire wraps in between.  Wrap the wire the last 3 times after the final bead.  Cut both ends with the wire cutters and use the pliers to wrap the remaining bit around the hoop.
Repeat these steps for the second earring.
This all took me around 20 minutes per pair!

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