July 6, 2013

Chain of Change

Life is in serious transition mode now.. In all of this change occurring, I am trying to keep in mind the adage,

"Every end is a new beginning."

After a year, I've decided to postpone my return to America and continue living abroad.

Though there are so many changes now, what hasn't changed is my continued search for inspiration and love for DIY :)

I made this jump-ring chain necklace a while ago now and am still waiting for the perfect opportunity to don it.
MariaFrancescaPepe Tubular Chain Bracelet

The inspiration came from a picture I found on Pinterest (of course!) of a MariaFrancescaPepe bracelet.

After studying the picture for awhile to deduce how the jump rings were attached to each other, I set to work.

At its most basic form, all you really need to make this is A LOT of jump rings, pliers (or two pairs to save your fingers!), and a clasp... and patience.

How To:
(I made these pictures in hopes of making the instructions as understandable as possible!)
1. Open a smaller jump ring (or a chain of them or a paper clip) and slide on two jump rings.
2. Open and add two jump rings perpendicularly to the first two grey jump rings.
3. Push the blue jump rings back (so that they are parallel with the smaller jump ring). 
4. Slide the grey jump rings open so they make a 'V' and have the blue jump rings come forward.  Open two more jump rings and attach them to the blue jump rings.
5. Add two more jump rings perpendicular to the green jump rings you just added.  This is the same thing you did in step 2.
6. Push the purple jump rings back (so they are parallel with the blue jump rings.  Again, this is the same as step 3).
7. Slide the green jump rings open so they make a 'V' and have the purple jump rings come forward.
8. Open two more jump rings and attach them to the purple jump rings.

Pretend these two new jump rings are the green jump rings in step 5 and that you now need to add purple jump rings and then light grey jump rings
Keep repeating steps 5-8 until you get to your desired length.  Add a smaller jump ring to the end and a clasp.
A beautiful jump ring chain made (hopefully!) easy!

I decided to make a necklace instead of a bracelet - thoughts?