May 3, 2014

One Minute: Bezel stone earrings

What you will need:
  • 2 earring hooks
  • 2 matching, pre-bezeled stones from an arts & crafts supply store.
  • optional - jump rings (to create more space)
  • pliers

Turquoise earrings:
With the pliers slightly open the bottom of the earring enough to slide on the bezeled stone.  Use pliers to close the bottom of the earring.

White and grey earrings:
With the pliers, open a jump ring and connect one grey bezeled stone to one white bezeled stone.  Then close the jump ring tightly.
Using the pliers again, open the bottom of the earring enough to slide on the top of the grey bezeled stone.  Close the bottom of the earring with the pliers.

May 2, 2014

Summertime bracelets

I am not normally a wearer of bracelets, but when I found this diy, I loved the bright, summery colors used in the bracelets.

So, I made myself two: one with silver fixtures and light blue and coral string.  And the other with gold fixtures and orange and pink string.  What's additionally fun about this diy is the color options are endless!

My two DIY summertime bracelets

Learn how to make for yourself, here.

April 28, 2014

A variation on bombay hoops

Some of my favorite hoop earrings that I made are these, the bombay hoops.

I made a variation on them, with beads in one of my favorite colors.  Now these are my favorite hoops!:

The how to is very similar to the original bombay hoops.
What you need:
-a pair of wire hoops
-a pair of earring hooks
-a thin wire, 24 or 26 gauge (I used a fun blue wire for these).
-16 beads (8 for each earring).
-wire cutters

First, cut a piece of thin wire, about 20 inches long.  Fold one end over the hoop and use the pliers to wrap it around the hoop tightly.
Put a bead onto the wire and loop it through, then loop the wire another 3 times, to keep with the pattern.
Continue this process until all 8 beads are on the hoop.
Be sure to wrap the wire three times after the 8th bead and use the pliers again to tighten it.
Cut the wire closely to the hoop at both ends with the wire cutters and use the pliers to wrap the remaining bit around the hoop.
Use the pliers to connect the top of the hoops.  Slightly open the bottom of each earring hook and connect one to each wire hoop.  Close the bottom of each earring hook.

And all done!