December 2, 2012

The First Post in a New Place: Suede Tassle Earrings

I'm back!

After 3 months settling into this new place, I have returned to my crafting ways.
With a holiday gift exchange tomorrow - it gave me the perfect excuse to visit the local craft store.  Of course, I bought much more than needed in anticipation of other crafting projects!

I found suede string in a multitude of colors, and for a little less than fifty cents a piece.  Most things are more expensive here; it is always exciting when I come across cheap finds.  So, I bought a bunch of strings, a variety of other trinkets (clasps, earring hooks, elastic, jump rings,...), and set to work.

- suede string (cut into 12 pieces, about 2 inches each)
- 2 cylinder cones
- 2 Earring loops
- Industrial strength glue
- pliers
- scissors

Once the suede string is cut into 12 pieces, separate 6 and 6 for each earring.

Gather the bunch of 6 pieces.  Squeeze the glue into one cylinder cone.  Then, push the bunch of suede string into the cylinder cone.  Repeat for the second earring.  Let them sit for a few minutes.

Use the pliers to attach the earring loops to the top of the cylinder cones.
Trim the ends of the suede so they are all the same length.

That's all!

I ended up making 2 pairs - now which color do I keep and which do I give?!