April 6, 2013

Pearl, Gold, Hoops. And time at home.

My DIY Hoops
I made the long trip home for the recent holiday break.  I've been loving living abroad, but I was missing my sisters, Mom's home-cooked meals, American clothing stores, and of course, my jewelry-making supplies.

I spent a lot of time in A.C. Moore and even more time planning what to make and then making it.
Inspiration: Earrings from here.
Perusing Pinterest, (as I spend many of my hours), I found these gorgeous earrings being sold on an Etsy site.

While I do not have the blue opal gemstone or the pearls as used by the creator of these earrings, I did find some teardrop shaped glass beads and fake pearls

So here's what you need to make your own pair:
- 2 earring hoops
- 24 small pearl beads
- 2 teardrop shaped beads
- 26 head pins
- pliers and wire cutters

3 Easy Steps
1.  Put the each pearl bead and teardrop bead on its own head pin.  Close the head pin with round-nose pliers and cut off any excess wire with the wire cutters.
2.  Slide 6 pearl beads on head pins onto the hoop, add one teardrop bead, and then another six pearl  beads.  Repeat for the other earring.
3.  Use the pliers to turn up the end of the hoops to close.  All done!

Here are my earrings: