July 19, 2012

Pink Bauble Bead Necklace

I have always been more of an earrings-girl, but necklaces have been on top of my DIY list this summer!
While browsing through the Old Navy site, I came across this necklace:

Old Navy Pink Beaded Cluster Chain Necklace
And I thought, "Wait, I can make that!"

What you need:
- 2 pieces of chain
          one with medium links (about 4 inches)
          one with small links (to go around neck)
- 30+ headpins
- 30+ glass beads in various colors within one color scheme
- end clasp and jump rings
- round-nose pliers and needle nose pliers
- wire cutters

Take the chain with medium sized links and start adding headpins with beads.
For a tutorial on how to put beads on headpins, reference this DIY on Flamingo Toes
Here are a few pictures from Flamingo Toes:
Add bead to head pin, hold pin in round nose pliers, wrap wire around pliers to create a loop.

For this necklace, do not cut the remaining head pin yet! The extra wire makes it easier to place the bead on the chain once the cluster gets busy.

Add anywhere from 3 to 5 beads per link on the chain, depending on the size of the beads and the clustering desired.
Once the wire is filled with beads, attach the smaller chain to each end of the medium chain to form a circle.
Estimate where the small chain will hit the back of your neck and if possible, open the chain, or cut a link with the wire cutters.  On one end of the chain, attach a clasp.  On the other end, attach as many jump rings as desired (to alternate the length of the necklace).
Now, use the wire cutters to cut off as much of the remaining head pins as possible.  All done!

Made it myself!

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