July 23, 2012

Chain + Jump Rings + Beads!

The top, left picture is of an Ann Taylor Loft necklace, priced at $39.95, the photo on the right is the Flamingo Toes DIY of the loft necklace, and the last picture is my own DIY!!

What you need:
- Jump rings in 4 different sizes (for example: extra small, small, medium, large)
- a piece of chain to attach beads (4 to 6 inches)
- a second piece of nicer chain to hang around neck
- 25 or so glass beads in an assortment of colors
- one head pin per bead
- closure and jump rings (to adjust length of necklace)

First, put each glass bead being used on a head pin and close it.  For instructions on doing this, look here.

Then, slide the jump rings into the chain in size order.  I did 15 xsmall --> 20 small --> 25 medium --> 30 large --> 25 medium --> 20 small --> 15 xsmall.  When changing between the sizes, link one jump ring of the larger size into the appropriate place in the chain.  By doing this, the jump rings will stay in place on the chain and won't slide over each other.

With the rings in place, attach the beads on their head pins to the large jump rings in the middle of the necklace.  I didn't attach more than one bead to a jump ring, but I didn't put a bead on every jump ring.  Play around and see what looks nice.. it's easy enough to open the jump ring and move the bead somewhere else!  

If this is confusing, Flamingo Toes has a great tutorial for this necklace here.  It took me about and hour and a half to make this.

I used larger jump rings and larger glass beads in clear and a range of shades of turquoise than other necklaces.  My necklace has a bit more of an African-y feel to it and definitely more of a statement piece, while the original necklace is smaller and more delicate.  The necklace goes really nicely with my tribal print black & white maxi dress.  Also, I just bought teal colored jeans and I can't wait to pair this necklace with them!

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