July 20, 2012

Oh, the Possibilities!

Earlier this year, I bought a pack of plain wire hoops from ACMoore.  It took some brainstorming and playing around, but I ended up making three different pairs of beaded hoops for myself.

You can buy a pack of hoops like this, or make your own from a thicker wire.
Pick out some pretty glass beads - ideally that stick out from your hair color! - and some plain spacer beads (in gold, silver, clear, or any other color, really!).
Put the beads you want to hang from the hoop on head pins.  For a tutorial on how to do this, look here.

I made two styles of earrings from the wire hoops. For the first, i put the hoop itself directly into my ears.  This way the hoop itself is parallel to my face.  On the second style, I attached an earring hook to the top of the hoop. By adding the earring hook, the hoop now sits perpendicular to my face - it faces forward instead of sideways.

Check out the three pairs that I made: Which do you like best?

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