July 29, 2012

In honor of the Olympics...

Rings necklaces have been all over Pinterest this summer!  The multiple rings linked together, sometimes in various sizes, remind me of the 5 overlapping Olympic rings.  Incidentally, I've been crafting lots while watching the Olympics.
Here are a few of the necklaces I have spotted:

I found some large silver rings at home and the small pieces to attach the rings together.  Technically, the rings could also be attached using very small jump rings. 
I set up the rings in the pattern I wanted for the necklace.  Carefully, I attached the rings to each other.

While abroad, I bought a bundle of suede strings in a bunch of colors for dirt cheap!  I used the taupe/grey colored suede string to turn the linked together rings into a necklace.  I looped the suede string through a few of the smaller rings and then using the same small attaching pieces to connect it to the top of the larger rings.  Ta da! My very own ring necklace!

Better pictures to come soon!

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