February 6, 2013

Chain, Overlap, Chain.

One of my favorite necklaces on my jewelry tree is a chain and ribbon necklace I got super on-sale from Harrods during my time studying abroad in London.  The necklace is composed of overlapping thick gold chains and a black ribbon to hold it around my neck.
Necklace from 'Bella Shay Fine Fashion Jewelry and Accessories'
I came across the necklace above on Pinterest a few months ago.  It reminded me of the overlapping chains in my Harrod's necklace, but instead with two colors of thin chains, and no ribbon.

Then, over the summer, I found this black chain and this black with gold tint chain for just a few dollars each. 

And proceeded to make my own version of this necklace!
1. I first measured out a piece of black chain to the desired length of the necklace.
2. I cut equal pieces of black chain and gold tinted chain.  The black chain I cut again, in half.  I then attached the three pieces of chain together: black chain --> gold tinted chain --> black chain.
Make 10 of these.
3. I attached the first chain to the left-most spot I wanted, to the middle of the necklace.
4. Repeat this step, but with each new attaching chain, affix the beginning of the chain to every other link in the necklace, and then the end of the chain to every other link after the middle.

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